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MiniME - Miniaturized Nightglow Interferometer for Monitoring Emissions
Program Manager
Scott Lindemann
(734) 975-8777 ext 106


Michigan Aerospace Corporation, in conjunction with Dr. John Meriwether of Clemson University, has recently developed and fabricated a passive Fabry-Perot based instrument for the detection of thermospheric winds. The Miniaturized Nightglow Interferometer for Monitoring Emissions (MiniME) utilizes fringe imaging of the 630.3 nm emissions from thermospheric atomic oxygen to detect thermospheric winds through measurement of the Doppler shift of the collected emissions relative to a calibrated source.

Fringe image of 630.3 nm nightglow emissions
captured using the MiniME instrument.

Compact (~70 cm long), portable and rugged, MiniMe represents a significant breakthrough in the development of deployable, stand alone Fabry-Perot based instruments. A photograph of the MiniME instrument in shown below.

MiniME instrument during benchtop testing.


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