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Dave Johson - Program Manager Blind Equalization Source Recovery - Michigan Aerospace Corporation
To learn more about our intelligent software development services, contact:
David K. Johnson, Ph.D.
734-975-8777 x140

MAC scientists are experienced at collaborating with customer domain experts to develop customized intelligent software that extracts actionable information from customer data to open up new business opportunities. MAC's computer scientists have extensive expertise in algorithm development for Predictive Analytics and Computer Vision applications. MAC creates, validates, and optimizes algorithms, with substantial capabilities for rapid-prototyping and robust deployment.

MAC is pleased to offer the following services:
  • Algorithm Development on a contract basis
  • 3rd Party Algorithm Validation
  • Algorithm Optimization
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Complex Algorithms
  • Scientific Algorithms
  • Custom Algorithms
  • Rapid Algorithm Prototyping
  • Algorithm Design
  • Deployment of Real-Time Solutions on appropriate platforms
Reasons to Choose MAC as a Partner

MAC researchers have decades of experience and know how to work with you. Our resume gives our customers peace of mind. We have:
  • A proven track record with companies of all sizes.
  • A specialized team to work with startup companies.
  • The ability to provide complex solutions for established companies.


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